Leaving my baby

Welcome back to my blog, this blog is going to talk through how ive been getting on at work and how I feel about leaving Ollie.


Being asleep whilst my baby entered the world

Hello and welcome back to my blog. This blog is going to be about my feelings towards my emergency c section under anaesthetic. This blog is following on from my birth story and our time in hospital. When preparing to welcome my boy into the world i was one of those mums that was majorly [...]

Cake cake cake

So last month I celebrated my 26th Birthday. 26 whole years of me, how fast did those years go. A company called Bakerdays approached me and asked if I would like to review one of their cakes in collaboration. I mean who doesnt love eating cake? So of corse I said yes. This company creates [...]

Snüz baby

If you dont know already Snüz are a company that have comfort in mind when thinking about parent and babies sleep. We were recently kindly gifted a Snuz pouch and Snuz hooded bath towel in the style Geo Breeze and we couldn't be more happier with these items. I have quoted from their website... What [...]